Requirements to the article published in research and production journal “Herald of Ryazan State Agrotechnological University Named after P.A. Kostychev”

The article should contain the results of some scientific research with references to publications, theoretical and practical studies. It should be important, present scientific and applied interest, correspond to the subject of the journal and have a UDC index.

The text of the article should be structured, have subheadings of the following sections: introduction, objects and methods, experimental part, results and conclusions. The article should contain an abstract and a list of references.

The article is submitted to the editorial office in the electronic version (in the WORD editor), the Arial font, size 10, the line spacing for the text is single, the margins on all sides are 2 cm and there is no paragraph indentation. The article should have at least 6 pages. Pictures and photos should be in IPEG format with resolution of at least 300 dpi.

An important element of the article is the abstract.

The requirements for the abstract are as follows: the recommended volume is 200-250 words, but not more than 2000 characters with spaces. The abstract should present the purpose of the research, methods, results and clearly formulated conclusions accompanied by digital data. It is not allowed to break the abstract into paragraphs and use parenthesis and comment clauses.

The article must contain information about the author (s): surname, name, patronymic (in full), academic degree and title, position and place of work and e-mail address for each of the co-authors.

The title of the article, keywords, the abstract and the information about the author(s) are in Russian and English.

The bibliographic list is compiled at the end of the article in accordance with GOST 7.1 -2003 and GOST R. 7.0.5-2008 «Bibliographic reference» in Russian and with the help of transliteration (Latin). If the list contains foreign sources of literature, first sources in Russian (in alphabetical order) follow, then the ones in a foreign language. The list should not contain more than 18 sources of literature.

The author completes an agreement with the publishing house on the transfer of copyright, (the author’s signature is certified by the stamp of the institution — the author’s place of work), and agrees to the processing of personal data. The article is published only if there is a positive review received from an expert member of the editorial board.

The author is responsible for the factual presentation of the article and the bibliographic list. The articles accepted for publication are not returned.

Articles that do not meet these requirements are not accepted by the editors.