Regulations on the Institute for Reviewing Research and Production Journal «Herald of Ryazan State Agrotechnological University Named after PA Kostychev»

The article is accepted for consideration only if it meets the requirements placed on the site in the section «Requirements for the preparation of articles».

The editorial board, before accepting the article, reviews the text to identify the borrowed material using the Antiplagiat system ( The article is accepted for consideration, provided that the level of originality of the text is at least 85 %. At the same time, the final decision on the absence of unfair borrowing in the article is taken by the editorial board on the basis of a review.

Articles are reviewed according to the scheme of blind review (the reviewer and the author of the article do not have information about each other). Editors retain the anonymity of reviewers and authors in the framework of this process.

The reviewer is an expert of the appropriate scientific profile. Reviewers present some reasoned criticisms about the relevance of the topic, its relevance to the journal’s profile, the novelty and reliability of the results, the level and clarity of the presented material, and submit their opinion in a review in the form approved by the journal’s editorial board. The reviewer may recommend the article for publication, recommend it after revision, taking into account the comments or not recommend for publication. The reasons for such a decision in the last two cases are provided.

If the author does not agree with the comments of the reviewer, he can appeal to the editorial board. By the decision of the editorial board, the article can be re-reviewed. In this case, the decision to publish the article is made on the basis of two reviews at a meeting of the review board by the open discussion.

The editors reserve the right to refuse the author to publish the article. By the decision of the editorial board, the article may be rejected if it does not meet the requirements listed above. In a case of rejection of the material, the manuscripts and electronic media are not returned, and the author receives a negative expert opinion with the justification for the refusal.

The time for making a decision to publish the article is no more than three months. The royalties are not paid.

The form of the article review.